Fixing California’s Economy starts with Critical Conversations

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The headlines say it all: California’s unemployment numbers have remained pretty flat, yet there are thousands of jobs available.

California–like much of the nation– is dealing with a big skilled labor shortage. Employers are simply having a very hard time finding the skilled workers.

Now more than ever, California’s 110 community colleges are playing a vital role, in closing that gap.

The California Community College system is hosting a series of regional forums around the state.  The idea?  Thriving regions will lead to a thriving state.

That was the key message at the first ever California Economic Summit.

Action Teams for a SMART WORKFORCE  are working to prioritize work-force training resources to support growth of major regional industry sectors.

With the help of community colleges, it’s the belief, the state can start closing in on the skills gap.

California Forward’s Cheryl Getuiza reports.


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