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As part of California Forward’s work to improve California government and find real solutions to the state’s problems, we have released a new video, outlining a path forward for the state and a way out of our current governance crisis. 

Narrated by California Forward Leadership Council member and former Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Fred Keeley, the video delves into the issues facing our state, the reasons behind our broken government, and what we as Californians need to do to help get the state back on track.

“Much of California’s government is broken,” Keeley says. “We elect good folks to work to improve education, the environment, the economy, and other important issues.  But, little if anything seems to get done, and our problems seem to get worse.” 

Keeley talks with real Californians who have been affected by the state’s dysfunctional system and have joined the movement to find solutions to our state’s problems. 

In Sacramento, “it’s become normal for there to be no budget,” says school administrator Joel Garcia, who expressed his concerns for our state in the video. 

CIA director and California Forward founding co-chair Leon Panetta says this organization is important to him as a way to return the state to greatness. 

“All of the things I was raised with as a boy, that made California special, that made California something that was on the cutting edge of the future, literally have been jeopardized by the dysfunctionality of what is happening in Sacramento,” Panetta says. “It’s for that reason that I’ve gotten involved with issues, to try to see if there is a way to improve governing in Sacramento.” 

Keeley says California Forward provides real reform solutions to fix these problems. 

“Most of what is wrong in Sacramento is that we send good folks into a dysfunctional system, and it is no surprise that they can’t produce many good results,” says Keeley. “California Forward is committed to reforming and modernizing the tools of California government, so that it can work again.  Please become part of this important movement to get California functioning again.”

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