Fred Keeley

Fred Keeley on Comcast Newsmakers
150 150 John Guenther

Throughout the month of June, CA Fwd Leadership Council member Fred Keeley will appear on Comcast Newsmakers, discussing California Forward’s work to move government closer to the people and make it more accountable, transparent, and effective.

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Fred Keeley: Taking reform debate to the people
150 150 John Guenther

As the legislature works to reach agreement on a budget and organizations across the state push for reforms designed to make government work more effectively, California Forward is taking the discussion to the people in a major way.

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Californians want real solutions
150 150 Fred Keeley and Bruce McPherson

After four consecutive years of budget deficits, Californians are wise to the accounting gimmicks and short-term fillers that keep California lurching from budget year to budget year without the kind of stable system in place that protects the programs they need and want.

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Community TV of Santa Cruz: Speak up for California
150 150 California Forward

Much of California’s government is broken. We elect good folks to work to improve education, the environment, the economy, and other important issues. But, little if anything seems to get…

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Brown’s budget: A refreshing change in a sea of status quo
150 150 Alex Raksin

California, as we know, is awfully complex, with a Gross Domestic Product eclipsing that of all but seven world nations and a culture lurching ahead of perhaps all formal political entities…

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Can a two-year budget help solve California’s financial woes?
150 150 Nina Martin

The direness of California’s budget crisis has one silver lining: efforts to reform state government are finally gaining traction with voters and lawmakers…

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Fred Keeley appears on The CEO Show with Carl Guardino
150 150 Fred Keeley

California Forward’s Fred Keeley, treasurer of Santa Cruz County and leader in efforts to reform California’s broken budget and governance system, appeared on The CEO Show with Carl Guardino on Nov. 9, 2010.

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Rules no substitute for leadership, but they’re a good complement
150 150 Ash Roughani

Yesterday, California officially entered its third week into the 2010-11 Fiscal Year without a budget. While this is hardly surprising to close watchers of California politics and nowhere even close to the 85 days late which the previous year’s budget was enacted, the inevitable annual delay certainly does little to improve public perception of state leaders.

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