Citizens and government of Whittier work together to save Pio Pico State Park

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Californians are frustrated with their government, and some of that frustration is understandable. But when a government does something positive, we think it’s important to point out.

So let us take you to Whittier where concerned city residents, the city government and a family estate have all combined to do something the state government couldn’t….keep historic Pio Pico State Park open for another year.

The Friends of Pio Pico, a non-profit organization formed to keep the park open, was told by the state they had to raise $80,000 or the park would close.

They’ve reached that goal. The community responded, a family estate made a generous donation and  and the City Council stepped up.

How, when so many municipalities are struggling did the City Council find the funds?

Because it felt it had to.

California Forward’s Cheryl Getuiza reports.


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