California Economic Summit Forges a Path to Water Resiliency
1024 576 Judy Corbett

Innovative water strategies from leaders across the state are making their way into state action plans

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Disparities in California’s Water Management Add to Challenges of Drought and Contamination
1024 576 Ed Coghlan

Building a modern, resilient water system is made much more difficult with 1,889 water systems that have under 500 rate payers

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Increasing Access to California’s Water Industry with an Equity Lens
960 540 Amber Bolden

Water district general manager Joone Lopez emphasizes using data and community-centered practices to support a sustainable, equitable, and integrated future for water utilities

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California Releases Roadmap for Water Resources Sustainability
610 200 CA Economic Summit

Report prioritizes supporting local and regional efforts to build water supply resilience across the state

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Keeping the CA Dream alive and thriving in the Central Valley
610 200 Garth Stapley

How can the Valley lure more business and turn around some of the problems of rural California?

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Assuring Water for California’s Future
580 200 Judy Corbett

A simple cost-effective alternative to new storage projects makes use of the natural reservoirs under our feet

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