How to Assess the Impact of California’s Election Reforms
1024 576 Jim Mayer

Looking back at California’s example, as the integrity of elections gets tested across the country

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Democracy Won Big in 2018
610 200 Jim Mayer

Voters across the country this year approved election reforms driven by nonpartisan, solution-minded organizations

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CA Fwd — Approaching a Decade of Making a Difference
610 200 John Guenther

Ten years into an era of reform, California’s outlook has been shaped by public desire for change in how government served the people.

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From the Ivory Tower to the Mean Streets of Santa Monica
610 200 Pete Peterson

Recent studies document the moderating effects of California’s Top Two primary and independent redistricting reform

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California halfway to next round of redistricting
580 200 Ed Coghlan

Many Californians and election officials already looking ahead to the state’s next redrawing of election districts, scheduled for 2021.

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