Elections Funding Project

Increasing voter turnout means putting our money where our mouth is
610 200 Caitlin Maple

Solving the tortured election funding problem California’s counties experience is key to reducing barriers to voting

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CA Fwd showed how to make progress in divisive year of politics
580 190 Ed Coghlan

2016 successes in transparency and accountability show potential for gains in 2017

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California early voting showed appeal
483 158 Ed Coghlan

While thousands waited hours to vote early this year, expanded early voting options in future California elections will require more funding

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How insufficient funding can undermine elections
610 200 Amber Nelson

Election officials are taking stock of how smoothly California’s primary elections ran, while dealing with long-standing funding problems.

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VIDEO: Why care about how California pays for elections?
150 150 Ed Coghlan

Solving state-local tension over funding elections is key to reducing costs, improving the voter experience and modernizing aging voting technology.

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