Bob Hertzberg

Open data bill would require cities to create data inventories
150 150 Alexandra Bjerg

Local governments would need to catalog their data management systems and make the information publicly available under bill by State Senator Bob Hertzberg.

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Californians want trustworthy solutions
150 150 Bob Hertzberg & Tom McKernan

California once again is struggling with how to cure a large budget deficit. The borrowing and the accounting gimmicks used in previous years are no longer an option…

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California’s Future center stage at UCLA Plato Society event
150 150 California Forward

The state of our state and how to find a better future for the tens of millions of people who call California home was the subject of a special meeting in Los Angeles over the weekend…

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Gov. Brown’s budget and a path forward
150 150 Bob Hertzberg & Tom McKernan

Most new governors enjoy a grace period when the public and Legislature give them the time – and support – to do what they promised. We hope that’s true for Governor Brown, because his budget, as tough as it is, may provide a bi-partisan way forward for California – something we at California Forward have been focused on for several years.

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CA Fwd’s Bob Hertzberg discusses governance and reform
150 150 Gina Baleria

The future of reform in California was the primary focus of a special panel at the “California’s Future” conference, hosted by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)…

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CA Fwd welcomes new partner in effort to fix state government
150 150 James P. Mayer

California Forward has worked diligently to advance political and fiscal reforms that will bolster democracy and improve the performance of government in our great but struggling state.

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“Strong ale for a weak economy” to benefit CA Forward
150 150 John Guenther

The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company has sent a five-pack of its popular Budgetary Alement Ale to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of the state’s “Big Five,” in honor of the recent passing of the state’s budget, which was a record 100 days overdue.

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