CA Fwd’s Bob Hertzberg discusses governance and reform

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The future of reform in California was the primary focus of a special panel at the “California’s Future” conference, hosted by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).

The conference took place on Dec. 6-7 in Sacramento. CA Fwd Leadership Council co-chair Bob Hertzberg joined panelists Jim Brulte with California Strategies, LLC and PPIC president Mark Baldassare, on the “Governance-Leading to a Better Time” panel, moderated by KQED radio’s John Myers.

Brulte, former Senate Republican leader, and Hertzberg, former Democratic speaker of the California Assembly, talked about California’s dire situation with regard to governance, fiscal policy, and public perception; the challenge of identifying exactly what has gone wrong; and some potential solutions and the challenges of implementing real change.

About 350 people attended the conference at a time when the Golden State faces a massive budget deficit, crumbling infrastructure, a faltering education system, and a myriad other issues that have compromised the California Dream.

The PPIC conference also included keynote speeches and expert panels on education, climate change, the economy, and governance.

Watch the “Governance-Leading to a Better Time” panel.

Gina Baleria is the communications manager at California Forward.


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