Bob Hertzberg

Mike Genest: Ensuring state and municipal solvency
150 150 Mike Genest

When I retired as Governor Schwarzenegger’s Director of Finance at the end of last year, I decided that I wanted to remain involved in state policy, especially surrounding our troubled budget.

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Op-ed: Require the budget to be for two years
150 150 Bob Hertzberg & Mike Genest

In an opinion piece published today by The Sacramento Bee, Democrat Bob Hertzberg and Republican Mike Genest urge the Legislature to pass comprehensive budget reform modeled after the California Forward 2010 Reform Principles.

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News < Re: Week of August 16
150 150 Ash Roughani

They’re back. We’re referring to state worker furloughs, of course.

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Op-ed: The clock is ticking on reform – but it’s not too late
150 150 Bob Hertzberg & Tom McKernan

In an opinion article published today by Capitol Weekly, Leadership Council Co-Chairs Bob Hertzberg and Tom McKernan urge state leaders to coalesce around comprehensive fiscal reform proposals crafted by California Forward.

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