Video: California’s open data movement: OpenGov

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Accountability and transparency are two big expectations among Californians when it comes to their state and local governments.

Thanks to the open data movement, which really has grown momentum over the last few years, folks can now see what is going in from within.

Technology advances have brought citizens applications and tools to digest and sort through all of the data.

Publishing the data is only one part of the process, that’s why many non-profits and for-profit companies are stepping in to make sure folks are not flooded and bogged down with the information.

California Forward attended the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative and UC Berkley’s Institute for Governmental Studies one day symposium.

In the coming weeks, California Forward will introduce you to a number of for-profit and non-profits who offer their two cents on the open data movement and how their company or organization is trying to help.

Here is the second video in a 5 part series of the open data movement. Here is OpenGov.


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