VIDEO: California’s new Assembly Speaker sees benefit of recent democracy reforms

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When Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) is sworn in as Assembly Speaker next Monday, he will become what some Californians are describing as the “reform speaker.” The Speaker’s chair has been a bit of revolving door in recent years thanks in large part to the term limits that allowed an Assembly member to only serve a maximum of six years in the House.

When Californians passed Prop 28 in 2012, it allowed state lawmakers to serve up to 12 years in either house of the Legislature, giving them a chance to build expertise and relationships. Rendon, who is part of the first “12 year class,” thinks the impact of that reform can be transformative in how business is conducted in Sacramento. In fact, he sees a new generation of leadership developing in the State Capitol.

In a recent video interview with California Forward in his office in the State Capitol, Rendon shared two main areas of his agenda are to start addressing the poverty issue in California and working to regain people’s trust in government. He also explained further why he will not be personally sponsoring any legislation once he assumes the Speaker’s chair.


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