CA Fwd’s comment on Governor Brown’s proposed budget

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The Governor’s budget is prudent and disciplined.

The Proposition 2 Rainy Day Fund is working just the way CA Fwd expected when we advocated for the measure in the Legislature and campaigned for its successful passage. In this budget, California will save money for the next recession and pay down debt.

Through the California Economic Summit, CA Fwd works with regional partners to identify strategies that will grow quality jobs. In every region, employers involved in the Economic Summit have prioritized the need to align workforce abilities with 21st century jobs. CA Fwd strongly supports the Governor’s proposal to increase investment and innovation in workforce preparation as the best way to restore the rungs on the ladder to the middle class.

To grow jobs and build sustainable communities, California needs a parallel investment — not in the proposed budget — to modernize transportation and critical infrastructure so California’s regional economies can be globally competitive and efficiently support a growing population.

— Statement on behalf of James Mayer, president and CEO of CA Fwd, which co-presents the California Economic Summit with the California Stewardship Network


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