Bill Lockyer explains how to fix California’s roads and how to pay for it

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California Forward recently caught up with State Treasurer Bill Lockyer at the second annual Silicon Valley Regional Economic forum.

The long-serving official, who recently announced his retirement, explained the state’s new infrastructure collaboration with other states. He also offered his thoughts on how California should address infrastructure financing.

In his current office, he’s helped steer California through recession and fiscal matters. He refinanced debt to save taxpayers close to $2 billion; launched innovative programs to encourage Californians to invest in the state with the Buy California Bonds Campaign. He also sold more bonds to build schools, roads, parks and housing than any other Treasurer in state history.

The state faces a $600 billion infrastructure need over the next 10 years, says Lockyer, and he sees an important partner in private industry in helping pay for maintenance and upgrades of California’s roads, bridges and water systems, among other important features.

“I have tried my best to make government work better for people, to solve real problems with hard work and common sense,” said Lockyer, announcing his retirement. “I especially loved the challenge of tackling emerging issues and being the first to go down a policymaking path.”


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