Second round of redistricting maps scrapped

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California Forward has learned that the second round of draft redistricting maps, originally scheduled to be released this Thursday, will be put on hold, reportedly so the commission can spend more time working with the feedback they have received on the initial maps.

In a statement released over the weekend, the commission said, “in order to produce the best district maps possible, it will amend its schedule and not release a second round of draft maps.”

“The Commission will be posting visualizations of proposed districts, and make equivalency files available for organizations and news outlets to provide greater detail to the public on the visualization proposals,” said the statement.

California Forward has been closely following the Citizens Redistricting Commission’s process and supports any decision that will enhance that process and lead to an outcome of maps drawn in the interest of voters rather than incumbent politicians, and that balance the many diverse interests of our diverse state.

“So far, the commission process has worked exactly as designed, garnering input and involvement from citizens all over the state and protecting the process from the influence of sitting politicians,” says CA Fwd Action Fund Executive Director Zabrae Valentine. “The commission gives Californians the opportunity to experience democracy first-hand, and we all need to continue to participate in a process that was created just for that –our participation.”

The final maps for California’s Legislative, Congressional, and Board of Equalization districts are scheduled to be released on July 28, and the commission must adopt the maps by August 15.

Commissioners will meet with line drawers on Wednesday, and you can watch it live at

More details on how you can submit comments and get information will be released early next week.

You still have an opportunity to give your input to the commission. Check out their public input hearing schedule to find out when commissioners will be in your region.


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