What inclusive economic recovery can look like – lessons from Fresno
580 200 Autumn McDonald and Ashley Swearengin

Inclusive economic development catalyzes a diverse set of leaders to create a shared agenda that expands middle class opportunity.

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Internet providers must take lead on closing digital divide
610 210 Barbara O'Connor and John Chiang

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent executive order directing state agencies to address the digital divide is a great start. But leadership must go beyond government. Internet access is a 21st century civil right.

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Community college serving as foundation for social transformation
800 300 Amber Bolden

Student uses community college to redirect career path and elevate opportunities for others

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CA Fwd launches Young Leaders Advisory Council
800 300 Demitria Wack and Raquel Robeson

Group supports intergenerational solutions for policy development at the California Economic Summit and beyond

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Steps California can take now to reimagine an equitable recovery
800 300 Matt Horton, Micah Weinberg & Mark Pisano

Radical new ways of funding infrastructure investment must be central to any agenda for an equitable economic recovery. Here’s what the state can do.

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Leading From The Center in The Central Valley
800 300 Ed Coghlan

From Iraq to Modesto, how Stanislaus Community Foundation leaders’ journey informed approach to bring real change.

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