Jermaine Hampton

Jermaine Hampton brings a wealth of experience to the table with over 13 years of Workforce Development and leadership experience. Jermaine currently works with the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), as the Sr. Director of Workforce Development and Special Projects. Prior to joining the LAEDC team, Jermaine successfully fulfilled his second tour of duty with D.O.E.S (Department of Employment Services) in Washington DC. During Jermaine’s second tour with D.O.E.S he provided oversight to the L.E.A.P Program, which is one of Washington D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser’s prime workforce initiatives. (Learn, Earn, Advance, Prosper) is a network of interconnected partners utilizing the “earn-and-learn” approach that links the city’s unemployed residents with employment, education, and training opportunities. In addition to the LEAP program, Jermaine also managed several other Division of State Initiatives (DSI) programs which included Project Empowerment, a nationally recognized transitional employment program, DC Career Connections (Mayor Bowser Initiative for young adults), and the entire (DSI) business development team as well.

Moreover, before returning to D.O.E.S, Jermaine was the Youth, Adult, and Business Solutions Program Manager with WorkSource DeKalb (Career Onestop Office) in Decatur Georgia. In this role Jermaine provided leadership over the federally funded WIOA (Workforce Opportunities Innovation Act) programming.

Before launching his leadership roles in the public sector, Jermaine was the Division Director over the AimHire program. In this role, Jermaine specialized in Workforce Development programming along with mental health and housing assistance programming for over 6 years at Friendship Place, a well-known non-profit organization located in Washington DC.

In addition to his Workforce Development background, Jermaine also has a great deal of experience in Economic Development, Staffing Services, Business Management, Public Relations, Community Engagement, Marketing, Advocacy, Fundraising, Human Resources, Homeless Services and Veteran Services. Under Jermaine’s leadership, various programs that he has led have received a variety of best practice awards and successfully served thousands of at-risk youth, adults, veterans, and created systemic changing impact. Jermaine is a current member of NAWDP (The National Association of Workforce Development Professionals) and was honored with their 2015 Leadership Award. In addition to his affiliation with NAWDP, Jermaine is also a former Board Member with the DCJWJ (DC Workers Rights Board) and has continuously assisted a variety of workforce boards as well to help facilitate systematic change. Jermaine holds a Bachelor of Science from Virginia State University and is an active Youth Mentor, Speaker, and Leader in the community.