An Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda for California

Priorities and guidelines for creating a “Next Economy” in California, presented by Gavin Newsom:

“California’s richly diverse regions and ethnic groups—its more than three million business establishments, its farming communities, tribal nations, and urban enclaves—possess all of the talent, energy, and drive needed to compete and win in the global economy.

And the strength of its $1.9 trillion economy—the largest in the nation and one of the largest in the worl —offers all of the assets and opportunities needed to build the post-recession “Next Economy” that is our common vision and goal.

This agenda does not seek to recreate the past and restore the jobs lost to global competition or to revive the debt-fueled follies of the past. It embraces the shift from a consumption-based economy to a production economy focused on global trade…”

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