VIDEO: Why Summit is changing the economic game in California

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California is the place where dreams are made. The Golden State has the innovation and the people to make things happen. In the past year, California has made some major strides adding more than 268,000 jobs, more than any other state in the nation.

In order for the state to continue to thrive, we need to create more and better jobs. That’s the work of the California Economic Summit—regions collaborating on seven signature initiatives.

Action teams have been busy working the past 18 months on those initiatives.

In a few short weeks, business leaders, economic developers, educators and community leaders will gather for the second annual Summit on November 8 in Los Angeles to discuss progress and work out a plan for continued collaboration to advance the state’s triple bottom line: a prosperous economy, a sustainable environment and community equity.

We recently asked Summit co-chairs why the regional approach was so important and what the Summit’s “Triple-Bottom Line” philosophy means.


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