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It’s easy to see from news on the California economy that we’ve had mixed results of recovery and there’s much work to be done to keep the state vibrant and competitive. That’s where the California Economic Summit can take action.

We asked leaders from business, education, labor, civic groups and philanthropy to say why the Summit is important and what they want to see come out of it.

At this crucial point in history, it’s crystal clear the state needs a “business plan” with strategy, goals and a timeline. And any economic plan for California needs to be built from the ground up, from the local and regional level, and built with a consensus on what’s important.

This involves not just fostering job creation but everything conducive to that, like maintaining infrastructure and supporting education at every level. At the same time, everyone wants to preserve the quality of life in California that brings people here in the first place.

It’s up to us to work together to rekindle the promise of California. 

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Video by Cheryl Getuiza, Edited by John Guenther


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