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In an email just sent to CA Fwd email subscribers, executive director Jim Mayer writes the following:

What’s your vision for California?

The Golden State has always been a state of visionaries — people willing to think big, create something new, and build a stronger, more successful future.

Right now, California is in a tough spot. Even with a new budget last week, our state government clearly has no real vision to fix itself. To get our state working again, we need to be clear about where we are trying to go and what we need to do to get there.

Watch our video, “The Path Forward,” outlining that vision for California’s future, and then tell us your vision for California.

The video describes three steps to getting California working again: 1) fiscal reforms, and that means more than just balancing the budget; 2) changing the structure of government to empower local communities; and 3) creating a responsive democracy.

This is our vision for fixing the state, but we want to hear yours, too. Tap into your imagination. Think of California today and then ask yourself, “Where do I see California tomorrow?” Think big, and make no little plans.

Watch our short video and share your vision with us today:

I can’t wait to read them,

Jim Mayer
Executive Director
California Forward

Here is the video:


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