Video: Californians collaborating on the future of the state’s elections

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California voters saw big changes in 2012. The state made it easier for citizens to register to vote which helped improve voter participation.

There are people working on election reform in this state literally every day.

In 2011, the James Irvine Foundation brought together a diverse coalition of election administrators, reform advocates and civil rights organizations to develop and share ideas to strengthen the state’s system.

The coalition, called the Future of California Elections Project (FOCE), held its first public conference to help develop an agenda for 2013 to continue to move California elections forward.

At the end of the day, the collaboration, which is the FOCE project, was energized and enthusiastic about the ideas presented.  They will continue to work on accomplishing the goals of the ten guiding principles laid out in the Roadmap of the Future including implementation of online voter registration, improving the state voter guide, language and disability access and available options for voting.

California Forward, which is part of the coalition, believes the more involved and engaged Californians are, the better it is for the state.

Cheryl Getuiza reports on the public conference.


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