VIDEO: Assemblyman Anthony Rendon shares thoughts on mobilizing voters

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It’s a fact, California is ranked 45th in voter participation. That’s abysmal.

In 2011, the James Irvine Foundation brought together a diverse coalition of election administrators, reform advocates and civil rights organizations to develop and share ideas to strengthen the state’s system.

The coalition is called the Future of California Elections Project (FOCE). California Forward, which is part of the coalition, believes the more involved and engaged Californians are, the better it is for the state.

California voters saw big changes in 2012. People can now register to vote on-line, making it easier for citizens to register to vote. Although the process was a big step in the right direction and voter participation improved, many election officials in the state’s counties and cities are challenged to keep them engaged for every election.

Assemblyman Anthony Rendon was voted into office in November 2012. He represents district 45 which includes cities like Maywood, Cudahy and Hawaiian Gardens. Another city in his district? The city of Bell, which of course, is synonymous with government corruption.

In his district, voter turnout, has been and continues to be low. California Forward caught up with the Assemblyman at the second annual California Economic Summit. He shares his thoughts on mobilizing voters.


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