VIDEO: 2017 Summit opening video tells story of California’s upward mobility imperative

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In case you couldn't be there, check out the video that kicked off the big Day Two lineup of the 2017 California Economic Summit in San Diego. The Summit's One Million Challenges were joined by a call for comprehensive policies to combat California's poverty, income growth and upward mobility problems, a new initiative called Elevate CA.

The 2017 Summit, co-convened by CA Fwd and the California Stewardship Network, gathered hundreds in San Diego and featured gubernatorial candidates and the leadership from all three of California's higher ed systems.

Check out the 2017 Summit Playbook for more info on the policy focus and lineup from last week's event. And read the summaries from both days of the Summit:

Day One: 2017 Summit aims to elevate Californians into the middle class

Day Two: Spotlight turns to opening up access to higher education at 2017 Summit

Give the video a watch to see what the Summit is all about and stay tuned for more 2017 Summit content. Looking forward to the 2018 Summit happening in Sonoma County! 


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