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Julie Meier WrightThe Leadership Group of the California Economic Summit met for the first time Monday on the Stanford University campus. One theme about the May 11 California Economic Summit was expressed by all. It is time to act!

“There is no better time to launch this historic effort to strengthen California’s economy,” said George Shultz, distinguished fellow at the Hoover Institution and former U.S. Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration.

Julie Meier Wright of the California Economic Summit
Management Team speaks at the Bay Area Council forum.

“More than at any time I can remember, Californians are focused on job creation and thinking about the future,” added Shultz.

This Summit is not about deciding what the problems plaguing the California economy are. We know the problems. The time has come to fix them.

And if the problems are really going to be fixed, the answers don’t start in Sacramento, they start locally in the fourteen Regional Forums that are being held around the state. Five have already been held, the next is scheduled for Los Angeles this Friday.

“California’s economy is regionally diverse and the Summit recognizes that,” said Laura Tyson, S.K. and Angela Chan Chair in Global Management at the Haas School Business at the University of California and former Chair of the U.S. President’s Council on Economic Advisers during the Clinton Administration. “The Summit will define ways to better prepare our workforce, improve our infrastructure, encourage innovation and simplify the regulatory process.”

The issues identified in the regions will be brought to the State Economic Summit in Santa Clara where the Leadership Group members who attended Monday’s session at Stanford were focused on the big issues of creating more jobs in California and improving the state’s competitiveness in this challenging global economy.

How do they think we can achieve those goals?
By staying focused on action!
What needs to happen to improve California’s work force?
What needs to happen to improve California’s infrastructure?
What needs to happen to streamline regulations while making sure the public interest is protected?

These are the big issues facing California and will be tackled at the California Economic Summit. We invite you to participate. Join our Virtual Forum and help us help California!

By the way, here’s a story that ran in the San Jose Mercury News on the Summit and Monday’s Regional Forum held in San Francisco.


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