San Franciscans get the chance to help city leaders balance the budget

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Balancing the budget is tough, so San Francisco is asking for help. 

Managing your finances can be tricky sometimes, especially when unforeseen expenses get thrown into the mix.

But, you make it a priority to ensure you are never in the red and there’s enough money to cover every bill. It’s not a hard concept, right? If you can do it, why can’t your local government? It’s a question many people ask.

If you think you have the answers, San Francisco elected leaders want to hear from you.

Mayor Ed Lee is holding Budget Town Halls to get citizens more involved in the City’s budget process.  Folks will also get the chance to let leaders know what their budget priorities are while helping to build a two year budget for San Francisco.

“We are excited to hear directly from our residents about their top priorities on issues that matter the most to them,” said Mayor Lee.

The mayor is holding these Budget Town halls with the Board of Supervisors. Two were held recently. There will be a total of six spread around the City Board President David Chiu will be on hand at an event in the coming weeks.

“Every year, the Budget Town Halls that the Mayor hosts with the Supervisors provide an opportunity for San Francisco residents to weigh in on the most important policy decisions that we make. We definitely listen closely to what our neighbors have to say,” said Chiu.

Getting input from the residents isn’t the only group the Mayor is looking to for help. In fact, as part of this year’s budget process, he’ll be meeting with the Board of Supervisors, community-based groups and advocacy groups, business leaders, labor representatives, heads of City Commissions and department supervisors to come up with innovative cost savings ideas.

“We must craft a balanced budget that keeps our City on a steady course of continued fiscal stability, stimulates the local economy, creates good jobs, invests in key capital and infrastructure improvements, as well as addresses long term challenges identified in the proposed Five Year Financial Plan that mandates San Franciscans be able to access City services they need,” said the Mayor.

“The town halls should only be the beginning of the public’s involvement. After the Mayor submits the budget on June 1, it goes through a public review process at the Board of Supervisors. I hope to see many of the people who come to our district town hall at the Board in June,” said Supervisor Chiu.


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