Sacramento County receives voting technology award

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A number of ballot measures and the Presidential election should bring voters to the polls this coming November.

But with an all-time low voter turnout for the California Primaries, many organizations and political candidates are scrambling to try to get more folks to vote.

Sacramento County may have met that challenge. The county received The Eagles Award, a national award, for its use of technology to improve voter services. It was recognized by the Election Center, a national non-profit dedicated to efficient voter registration and elections administration.

Sacramento County’s Election Office created a Polling Place Locator mobile application for Android smartphones.  

It’s pretty simple, here’s how it works: The voter enters their current address location, and utilizing GPS technology, is given all polling place locations within a two mile radius.

If you don’t have access to a mobile device or smart phone, don’t worry, the Election office also created a companion mobile website.

The website works the same way: just type in your current address and the closes polling place will pop up. Click on that location and the polling name, address and link will pop up.

“With the Presidential election cycle in full swing, jurisdictions still took time to submit and share their best practices. This shows pride in our profession and demonstrates a commitment to excellence that sets the standard for all of us to follow,” said Dawn Williams, Marshall County Auditor and Recorder/Commissioner of Elections and Chairman of the Election Center Professional Practice Committee.

The county hopes to have a similar mobile app for iPhone users as well.

California Forward is all about getting more people involved and engaged. The sum of the special interests that dominate this state is not the public interest. The more real Californians are engaged, the faster California will get back on track.


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