Registration opens for 2017 California Economic Summit

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Registration for the 2017 California Economic Summit, to be held in San Diego on November 2-3, is now open.

The sixth annual statewide gathering of the state's largest public- and private-sector network will build on the progress made in workforce preparation, housing and community development, infrastructure and working landscapes.

Read the 2017 Summit Agenda and register today.

Californians from all regions will join the Summit coalition to bolster economic security, middle-wage jobs with a future, and sustainable communities. The 2017 Summit will seek to advance these ambitious themes:

  • Create a unifying triple-bottom-line vision for increasing economic security and upward mobility 
  • Expand the strength and diversity of the Summit network to increase its influence on state and local policy decisions 
  • Mature the Summit as a formal civic partner with government to advance triple-bottom-line policies 

The Summit's yearlong process has made steady progress along the 2017 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity, which was created through the contribution of hundreds of Californians and contains detailed plans to:

  1. Improve the workforce pipeline so more Californians can develop the skills they need to earn livable wages 
  2. Increase the supply of housing near jobs and transit to reduce California’s sky-high cost of living, redirect wages into local economies, and ensure more people in the state have a safe place to live 
  3. Expand regional water management to ensure all Californians live in healthy watersheds with reliable water supplies 

We also know there are warning lights on the road ahead. The California Economic Summit is the premier venue for Californians from different regions and perspectives to craft solutions to the driving questions of our times:

California is leading on carbon reductions and has set some of the world’s most ambitious climate goals. How can we also make sure we are restoring upward mobility and producing middle-wage jobs that allow workers to flourish in a low-carbon economy?

California is the epicenter of the tech revolution, but amidst the rise of the robots, many workers fear for their jobs. How do we prepare Californians to thrive in an automated workplace? 

California has one of the world’s largest, most dynamic and diverse economies. Faced with rising living costs and infrastructure challenges, how can California maintain a competitive advantage?

No one else is going to solve this problem for California. None are more capable of finding innovative answers. You can be part of the solution and register for the 2017 California Economic Summit today.



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