Quick Hits: California budget dominating the airwaves

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With so many people across the board talking about the soon-to-be-approved California state budget, here’s a quick round up of the state-level and regional stories you might be interested in:

  • A deal between Gov. Brown and the UC and Cal State systems would freeze tuition hikes to avoid another increase (and PR debacle) to see if the governor’s tax measure passes and makes up the $125 million funding gap the two systems are currently facing
  • LAUSD is currently making choices on what to cut to fall in line with Sacramento’s request to slash $169 million out of their $6.3 billion budget; most notably on the block is after-school care for about 50,000 kids
  • Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is hoping there are no 11th hour cuts penciled in by Gov. Brown; today would be his last day to so do while the Legislature votes on 21 remaining budget trailer bills still in the queue
  • As part of his furious last-minute negotiations, Gov. Brown has gotten the state’s largest public employee union to ok a 5 percent pay reduction to meet balancing goals
  • Realignment is getting close $850 million in the new budget for counties to help absord inmates inbound from state prisons, but the Central Valley might not be getting its fair share according to Rep. Michael Rubio
  • And John Myers provides an overview of the process the past two weeks and some of the finer points not touched in the articles above



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