PolicyWise Episode 23: Creating an Economic Safety Floor with Former Mayor of Stockton Michael Tubbs

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On this week’s PolicyWise (Episode 23), Michael Tubbs, currently the special advisor for economic mobility and opportunity to Governor Gavin Newsom, joined Demetria Wack and Michael Wiafe to discuss mentorship, leadership and how to help people out of poverty.

The three discussed the importance of the universal basic income, which Tubbs instituted as a pilot program while he served as the youngest-ever mayor of Stockton. “A guaranteed income is part of an economic resilient strategy,” explained Tubbs. “It’s not just that these things — pandemics, disasters — happen every decade, but every quarter, every year at some part of the country there’s an earthquake, there’s a flood, there’s a wildfire and all those things impact the most vulnerable, the most poor disproportionately.”

Tubbs has taken leadership positions from high school through to his professional career. His advice to today’s young leaders: “It’s important, particularly when you’re in public service, to be really committed to doing something versus being something.”

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