PolicyWise Episode 14: Conversation With A Young Republican

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On this week’s PolicyWise episode, hosts Demetria Wack and Michael Wiafe have a conversation with a young Republican about the state of the party and its future.

Blake Zante is the communications director for California State Senator Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno). A Fresno native, Zante attended California State University, Fresno and recently ran for the Fresno County Board of Education. He talks to Demetria and Michael about the challenges and opportunities facing the Republican Party in the California.

He also discussed how the two parties may have more in common than people think. “Recently with coronavirus and wildfires — all these situations going on — I think that Republicans and Democrats at the state level have come together in more ways than opposing each other in more ways,” said Zante. “Just because of the nature of trying to solve huge challenges that are happening and impacting people of all stripes, all different backgrounds, they’re all getting impacted negatively.”

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