Video: Palo Alto continuing open data push for city government

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Californian’s mistrust in elected leaders is high. In 2012, numerous stories broke regarding elected officials either mishandling or losing track of funds and refusing to disclose finances.

Californians are expecting better in 2013.

They have told us they want a government they can trust, which is why California Forward tirelessly promotes transparency and accountability in our state government.

Real accountability begins with empowering the public with easy access to information and budgeting of our civic leaders.

The city of Palo Alto appears to be leading the charge to develop a better relationship with its residents.

California Forward first reported on the city of Palo Alto’s Open Data Platform in August.  The city is using technology to create a more inclusive form of local government.  Months after its launch, we wanted to find out how if citizens are answering the call to become more engaged.

California Forward’s Cheryl Getuiza reports.


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