October 9: Two big milestones in the voting process

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We all (hopefully!) know that October 22 is the last day to register to vote in the November 6 election. Online voter registration is in full swing in all California counties, expanding access to the registration process, as was discussed in in the SacBee yesterday. So far it is going swimmingly. For all those who are dubious of the online process, we have reports that Shasta County was able to prevent Daffy Duck from registering and that 145 records have been rejected so far in Santa Cruz, so officials are indeed vigilant.

Today is also an important day in the registration process as it is the official launch of the vote-by-mail process in California and is also the day when sample ballots are distributed. Technically, it was supposed to be yesterday, which is one month before the election. However, because yesterday was Columbus Day, which is an official federal holiday, it was bumped to today.

Here are a few worthwhile tips as far as the vote-by-mail (VBM) process, courtesy of our friends at The California Voter Foundation:

  • Vote-by-mail ballot request period: Oct. 9 – Oct. 30
  • Date that counties begin issuing sample ballots and vote-by-mail ballots: Oct. 9
  • Voters can check the status of a vote-by-mail ballot online in most counties
  • VBM ballots must be received, not postmarked by Election Day to be counted
  • VBM ballot envelopes must be signed by the voter in order for the ballot to be verified and counted
  • Voters can return VBM ballots in person at any polling place in their county on Election Day

Much of the heavy-duty campaign advertising is just beginning now in the month of October, so if you are voting early by mail, be sure that you have done your homework. We offer our own informational breakdown of the ballot measures that are out there right here. Also keep in mind that on the national stage, there are two presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate (happening this Thursday) remaining.

The only stance that we at California Forward take is one promoting educated voters making informed decisions at the polls. And of course, going to the polls in the first place. As the old adage goes, “bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.”

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