Next big startup idea might be found at San Diego WBT2012 tech showcase

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California’s tech industry has been the comeback kid during this recovery and the state has famously been in the lead in numbers of tech startups for decades now. Out of the top 50 venture-backed startups in the U.S., picked by the Wall Street Journal this year, 37 were located in California. Later this month, the “Next Big Thing” in tech might be found in San Diego.

Visitors from all over the country will converge in San Diego October 24 – 26, as the city plays host to WBT2012 presented by Northrop Grumman, a three-day technology conference that involves all four sectors of San Diego’s growing economy: innovation, military, tourism and local commerce.

Showcasing a substantial collection of vetted and mentored companies and technologies emanating from top universities, labs, research institutions and the private sector from around the globe, WBT Innovation Marketplace (World’s Best Technologies) has been attracting attendees each year in Arlington, Texas where it has been held for the last nine years.

WBT has expanded the scope of the show, bringing technologies and attendees to San Diego, where the show will benefit from the region’s world-class talent pool and strong venture capital community.

A unique event mixing innovation and capital, WBT Innovation Marketplace will present 100 investment-ready start ups, spin outs, and licensing opportunities and showcase a collection of IP portfolios from companies, universities, and federal labs from around the country.

The show will attract representatives from some of the country’s leading venture capital firms, Fortune 1000 corporate licensees, federal agency representatives and university technology transfer managers.

The event has a boon to WBT presenters in years’ past: One in three secured venture funding, licensed their technology or sold their IP outright.

This year, WBT Innovation Marketplace partnered with San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, CONNECT and Rady School of Management at UC San Diego.

WBT said its main consideration when evaluating potential partnering cities was the ability to host a world- class event. Holding the 2012 WBT Innovation Marketplace in San Diego provides the opportunity to showcase the city’s environment and strong tech and bio-tech clusters to a worldwide audience of science, technology and investment professionals.

With conferences like WBT coming to California, it’s also hoped that the convention and tourism markets will continue to provide a significant boost to the state’s tourism economy.

The WBT 2012 will feature FedMarketPlace supporting the White House’s “Lab to Market” initiative and University Square showcasing IP portfolios, university-supported startups, and university R&D capabilities. In 2012 WBT will also share open innovation best practices and the rapid growth of high-tech sectors in the San Diego region.

WBT2012 will kick-off on Wednesday, October 24 with four pre-event workshops. On Thursday, October 25, a welcome keynote and plenary session will be presented by Northrop Grumman followed by a program on issues related to raising and managing capital and burgeoning ventures.

Technology presentations that have “undergone a rigorous screening process by a panel of industry professionals and chosen for their strong growth potential” will commence in the afternoon and proceed through the morning of October 26th.

WBT will culminate with the WBT Awards Luncheon where the WBT community will be recognized and the top technologies receive awards.


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