Forward Thinker Tim Murakami gets to the heart of community issues

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Lt. Tim MurakamiCalifornia Forward has named Lt. Tim Murakami a Forward Thinker for his work get to the source of issues facing the community.

For 32 years, Lt. Tim Murakami has served his community through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Whether he’s in uniform with his badge or off the job, he’s getting things done.

“You can take people to jail, but if you don’t work on the underlying problems, you’re not really helping society,” says Murakami.

He believes city and county leaders need to take ownership of the problems in their area and act, rather than do nothing. And, to make sure leaders are doing what they’re supposed to do, citizens need to get involved in the process – speak up if they see something wrong.

“We as a society complain about a lot of things, but at some point, you’ve got to realize you have to do something about it.  Unless you step up, what are you really accomplishing?”

He goes beyond the call of duty—volunteering as an assistant at the Fred Jordan Mission on skid row; he’s also a counselor to the poor, hungry –offering hope and alternatives to a life of drug and violence.

To read Tim’s full profile, go to our Forward Thinkers page. You may also tell us about a Forward Thinker you know in your community.


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