Forward Thinker Patty Chavez committed to her community

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Patty Chavez is proud of her community—so much so, she makes sure she knows everything about what’s going on in Chula Vista

Long ago, she decided to get involved in her community – primarily due to her kids. She began by getting to know the issues, her neighbors, and parents at her kids’ schools, sharing information and creating relationships. She then got connected with civic leaders and law enforcement officers… and

About a year and a half ago, she and a friend founded a website called Politically Active. Politics Free – a one-stop shop for news information shared from local newspapers and other sites.

“We just want to share the information and grab and engage—and when we engage them we can further educate them by sending them to other sources of information.”

Chavez not only wants more people to get engaged. She wants them to talk about the issues. She wants them to vote and be smart voters. But most importantly she wants to see more leadership.

“There are leaders out there. It’s time to step up.”

To read Patty’s full profile, go to her Forward Thinkers page. You may also tell us about a Forward Thinker in your community.


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