Forward Thinker Michael Turnipseed wants people to know how their government works

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Michael TurnipseedAs executive director of the Kern County Taxpayer’s Association, Michael Turnipseed wants to ensure people understand what local government does and how business and the private sector can fit in.

 “There are tremendous inefficiencies going on in local government, and I see it right here in Kern County,” Turnipseed said.

He wants to structurally change how the County Board of Supervisors conducts business. 

“Many of the things that are done now are so antiquated.” It currently takes nine months to fill a county job.  And, since jobs equal a better economy, this must change.

Often, Turnipseed is the only non-government person at Board of Supervisors meetings.  He’s vocal, questioning board members about the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the current system.

“Our elected leaders cannot be content with doing business the old way,” he said.

The major problem, said Turnipseed  is how uneducated the public is about what its government is or isn’t getting done. But, he knows that his involvement is one step toward getting more people educated, plugged in, and contributing to the betterment of their community.

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