Economic summit tackles big challenges for California

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Leadership team members Rebecca Q. Morgan and Keith Kennedy penned this special to the San Jose Mercury News.

In it, they stress the importance of coming up with long-term economic strategies and working with all regions of the state, in absence of real action from Sacramento for making the state a positive place for job creation. 

And that’s where the California Economic Summit and the ongoing Regional Forums come in:

“While there have been some recent signs of recovery, the economic downturn exposed a number of longer-term structural challenges. At a time when skills are more important for competing in a global economy, a significant portion of young people are falling further behind in education.

California’s economy is at risk because we have not been investing in our future for many decades. The Think Long Committee for California has estimated that we face a $765 billion infrastructure deficit. We have created a government that not only fails to create a positive climate for employment but our once-great political institutions are not working, too often mired in gridlock.”

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