Diving Deeper into the Equitable Economies Webinar Series

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Last month, CA FWD launched the Equitable Economies webinar series to dig into critical issues relevant to reimagining a state that is more equitable and resilient. A state where we redress the racial and economic inequities that have made it increasingly harder for Californians to achieve the California Dream.

“We aren’t going to get to better equitable outcomes through having a disconnected set of approaches. We really need to have an ecosystem of equity, and that’s what CA FWD does with our many partners in the California Stewardship Network, the California Economic Summit and grounding ourselves in the evidence,” said Micah Weinberg, CEO of CA FWD during the inaugural webinar.

Composed of 11 webinars each Thursday at 11 a.m. through April, the series features topics from learning more about California Forward’s movement to make the government and economy work for everyone to criminal justice, housing, climate resiliency, broadband, youth engagement and energy.

“We’re really proud at Wells Fargo to support California Forward,” said Eileen Fitzgerald, head of housing affordability philanthropy for Wells Fargo during the Regions Build Together webinar on February 25. “We really appreciate the critical role California Forward, along with everyone joining this webinar, play in creating a collaborative environment and work across California that is key to developing housing affordability solutions.”

The webinars feature critical conversations with experts in the field and opportunities for questions and answers from webinar participants. Upcoming webinars include:

  • March 4, On-The-Ground Forest Resiliency I: As the state is considering large investments in wildfire reduction and forest resiliency, on-the-ground projects with potential for landscape-scale restoration and community resilience are moving forward. Join the first of two webinars to learn more about these efforts.
  • March 11, On-The-Ground Forest Resiliency IIThe second part of our forest resiliency webinars to learn more about on-the-ground efforts.
  • March 25, CA FWD Young Leaders: Currently, Millennials are underrepresented and Gen Zers are unrepresented in the Legislature. The state’s representation does not mirror the population and lacks valuable input from the communities it is responsible for serving. Hear from CA FWD’s Young Leaders Advisory Council on how this talented group of students and early professionals are helping move California forward.
  • April 1, Broadband Funding Innovations: With one in eight families in California disconnected and nearly one million school-aged children with no internet connection, the lack of broadband access is creating additional hardships during a time when connectivity is more essential than ever. Join the first of three webinars on broadband to learn about innovative on-the-ground projects that leverage public and private investments to ensure broadband for all Californians.
  • April 8, Broadband Governance Innovations: In the second broadband webinar, learn about innovative on-the-ground projects where local governments are forging new solutions to improve access for residents.
  • April 15, Broadband Provider Innovations: In the final broadband webinar, learn about innovative solutions spearheaded by internet service providers to expand the digital highway and bring broadband access to all.
  • April 22, Affordable Home Ownership: California’s commitment to racial justice and economic inclusion are meaningless without dramatic changes that make homeownership a possibility for marginalized racial and economic communities. This webinar provides an overview of the dramatic racial wealth gap, the consequences of that gap for home ownership and current policies that might be reformed to build more homes that are affordable by design.
  • April 29, California’s Sustainable and Resilient Climate Future: California is a world leader in responding to climate change by setting goals to curb emissions and transition to less carbon-intensive energy sources. Most recently, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an Executive Order requiring sales of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035. Join this webinar to learn how regional and state leaders are integrating efforts to develop a powerful strategy for collective action to address climate change and the state’s energy needs from a triple-bottom-line perspective.

Past webinars and presentations can be seen in full here:

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