Climate Impacts Highlighting Need For Summit’s Public-Private Solution Space

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With California’s wildfire season getting worse each year, it has become more important than ever to address the issue of climate change fueling these disasters.

For companies and organizations that help Californians recover, the increasing risk to property and lives represents a growing threat to communities. Collaborations like those accelerated at the California Economic Summit help ensure that the affected regions can recover equitably, balancing the needs of both the environment and the economy.

“We have seen firsthand the impact of climate change and its effect on communities across the state and we want to be part of the solution,” said Danielle Cagan, vice president of external affairs, corporate communications and brand for CSAA Insurance Group.

CSAA, a sponsor of the California Economic Summit, provides AAA-branded insurance company in Northern California, and has helped thousands of Californians recover from catastrophes such as wildfires. As a sponsor of the Summit, they have supported California Forward’s ongoing work including the report “California’s Wildfire Crisis: A Call to Action,” which focused on sharing community learnings with other local and state leaders.

Since 2012, the California Economic Summit has embraced the triple bottom line of equity, environment and the economy. This triple bottom line approach can serve as a roadmap for communities that face the threat of wildfires and can guide them during recovery. This year, this triple bottom line has rocketed to the top of the state’s agenda with a reinvigorated movement to dismantle structural racism during a pandemic-fueled economic crisis, all under the backdrop of rapid climate change.

Cagan added, “We are working on our own climate change strategy right now and as part of that we’re looking at how we can encourage people to harden their homes, create defensible space, and be prepared and make smart decisions about their insurance and where they live.”

The issue of wildfires creates enormous challenges for California, including addressing the health of the state’s forests, housing affordability as it affects fire-prone and surrounding regions, and the economic impact of wildfires regionally and statewide.

The 2020 California Economic Summit takes place on December 3-4, and is an opportunity to hear from and engage with cross-sector leaders working to build a more resilient, equitable California. Improving the state’s forest health and reducing wildfires through forest treatment were top priorities highlighted in the Summit’s 2020 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity.

“The California Economic Summit is a wonderful opportunity to engage peers and thought leaders from across the state and discuss important issues affecting California,” explained Cagan. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to network, to learn and to bring new ideas back to your organization.”

From strengthening education cradle to career, expanding home ownership and bridging the digital divide, to creating ecosystem and climate resiliency, the Summit is the only space of its kind where leaders from all sectors, industries and regions can come together to propel solution-oriented bipartisan collaboration to move the state forward. The Summit influences California Forward’s year-round work.

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