Speak Up CA

Why restructuring government is the only way to fix California
150 150 John Guenther

A week after Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal was released, details of his spending and revenue plans have begun to come into focus—along with the first wave of showdowns with those his cuts will most impact (with much of the early attention going to redevelopment agencies and enterprise zone developers).

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State lawmakers tout CA Fwd ideas in discussions on how to solve the budget crisis
150 150 Justin Ewers

For California’s budget, it has been a week of the worst of times and then even worse. With California once again confronting a massive budget shortfall estimated at more than $25 billion …

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Speaking Up for California at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Los Angeles
150 150 Gina Baleria

Angelenos were just as passionate as those in D.C. on Oct. 30 about the desire to restore common sense, reasonable dialogue, communication, and fair compromise to government and society.

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