Leadership Council

Commentary: Tired of the political death-match?
610 200 Antony Bugg-Levine and Lenny Mendonca

Nothing unites like making government services more effective for the people who rely them and more efficient for taxpayers

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CA Fwd — Approaching a Decade of Making a Difference
610 200 John Guenther

Ten years into an era of reform, California’s outlook has been shaped by public desire for change in how government served the people.

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California Forward launches 50 State Solution political reform project
610 200 Lenny Mendonca and Chris Gates

Project will capture and link state-based reform work from around the country being done to break partisan gridlock

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Commentary: Fighting Poverty in America
610 201 Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca

Too often poverty initiatives are not tailored to local community needs and not driven by evidence of effective outcomes.

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Lenny Mendonca: Hiram Johnson Would Like This California Era of Reform
150 150 Lenny Mendonca

Despite shortcomings, the state’s citizen ballot initiative process has brought important reforms to California via direct democracy.

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Part 1: Revenues may be rolling in but state budget must heed lessons of past
150 150 Lenny Mendonca and Pete Weber

Boom, Bust, Repeat? – New series from CA Fwd explores how the state can smartly manage recent revenue gains to strengthen public programs for the long term.

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