Forward Thinkers

What’s at stake if CA stays on its current path?
150 150 Forward Thinker Kerry Doi

It is commonly said that societies are judged by how they take care of their most vulnerable. California’s recent political-economic history has been tumultuous with short-sighted fixes to complex problems preventing any opportunities for long term growth or stability—leaving our poor, sick, and elderly to fall to the wayside.

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Is anyone listening?
150 150 Forward Thinker Donna Myrow

Californians are humbled by the opportunities and challenges we face. The financial crisis has greatly impacted philanthropy, the non-profit sector, our public education system…

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Are you a Forward Thinker?
150 150 California Forward

California Forward introduces Forward Thinkers – people across the state who have stepped in where the government has left off, to help improve their community – and yours.

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