What does a better CA look like? How do we get there?
150 150 Cindy Chavez

When considering the plight of our state, many pundits within and outside our borders try to imagine what a better California would look like and conclude simply: anything but what California looks like now.

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The stakes for small businesses are high this November
150 150 John Kabateck

California small businesses have been and will always be critical to California’s success.

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Restoring balance and trust to the Golden State
150 150 Elizabeth Sholes

No election is insignificant, but the specific measures on the California ballot this November bear heavily on our concerns for social justice.

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Proposition 24: Repeals recent legislation that would allow businesses to lower taxable income
150 150 California Forward

Over the past two years, lawmakers have made changes to certain tax laws, which have led to a decrease in the amount some businesses pay in income tax. Proposition 24 would repeal these changes and reinstate business tax laws as they existed in 2008.

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One more broken system
150 150 Ken Larsen

Let me add one more broken California government system to those listed in Joe Mathews’ blog posting on on Oct. 18

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