California clean tech industry: Poised for growth?

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This piece was originally published on the California Economic Summit blog.

While some of California’s economic sectors struggle, the future for the state’s clean tech industry looks promising. 

California’s clean tech industries attracted a record $3.5 billion in venture capital last year, according the California Green Innovation Index that was released this week by Next 10.  Next 10 is an organization that is looking at the economy, the environment and the quality of life for all Californians. 

In fact, Next 10 founder Noel Perry is a member of the California Economic Summit Leadership Group. The Summit is scheduled for May 11 in Santa Clara. 

California has a huge economy, one of the world’s largest. But if it is going to continue to grow, the state has to develop a true economic agenda which it doesn’t have now. 

That’s what the first California Economic Summit aims to do. The Summit will attract Californians from all over the state who are already talking about the best ways to prepare the workforce, improve the infrastructure, encourage innovation, streamline business regulation and improve access to capital..

Perry and his organization are thinking about how California can compete in the global economy.  He  thinks the potential for California is limitless. 


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