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Not surprisingly, at the Silicon Valley regional economic forum, the smartphones and laptops were ablaze with online chatter about fixing the California economy. We captured what people were saying using Storify and present it for you here.

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Silicon Valley Regional Forum

Storified by John Guenther · Mon, Apr 02 2012 19:02:44

Good morning Silicon Valley! Great turnout for #caeconomy regional forum. @svleadershipgrp’s Carl Guardino opens: http://pic.twitter.com/fg2is8YZCA Economic Summit
Weili Dai’s, the COO of #CAEconomy host outfit is wild! Love that high powered people feel free to be unconventional in the silicon valley.Greenbelt Alliance
Kim Walesh @cityofsanjose "We believe in this process as a tool to help Sacramento be a constructive contributor" SV Forum #caeconomyCA Stewardship Ntwk
#caeconomy leaders on stage in Santa Clara. Great energy for collaboration http://pic.twitter.com/jzBAOgI1CA Economic Summit
Video: Silicon Valley making high-tech reboundMarch 26, 2012 by Cheryl Getuiza With companies like Apple and Google in the region, the Silicon Valley is the innovation capital of the …
State of innovation is high. With synergy happening across sectors. ~ UC Santa Cruz chancellor Blumenthal #caeconomyLouis Stewart
#CAEconomy julia Hu says that when you have people working @ startups making very little u need small, simple, low cost housing!Greenbelt Alliance
Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Erica Wood: "Is what’s good for #CAeconomy good for community?" Agree! Must keep balance a priorityJeff Rangel
Becky Morgan & Doug Henton of the #caeconomy leadership team tee up the May 11 statewide summit in Santa Clara http://pic.twitter.com/xDMM2J0gCA Economic Summit
At Silicon Valley Economic Forum: Tech,trade, tourism and creative employment all trending up in Ca. #caeconomyEd Coghlan
#CAEconomy Vintage Foster – President AMF "Let’s take a less conventional way to STEM that appeals to kids." Love that thinking.AltruisticLeadership
Let’s open our corporate doors to increase opportunities to provide internships for students #CAeconomy #STEM #higherEdKim V
Mayor Reed says we have to stop cutting higher education & reduce spending on prisons & pensions. #CAEconomyGreenbelt Alliance
Interactive voting underway for #caeconomy state/regional priorities here in Santa Clara. No lack of smartphones! http://pic.twitter.com/OOBYyxn5CA Economic Summit
Joe Simitian says we need to have a unified voice amongst our state delegates if we want Washington to listen #CAEconomyGreenbelt Alliance
+1 +all RT @gobizlouis: Innovation is not only good for the Silicon Valley but for the state and the country. #caeconomy #innovationCA Economic Summit
Did you know? The silicon valley is the 3rd largest manufacturing hub in the US. Yes California manufacturing. #caeconomyLouis Stewart
“@SVLeadershipGrp: Joint Venture – Silicon Valley CEO Russ Hancock: "What’s good for Silicon Valley is good for America." #CAEconomy”sjeconomy.com
Want to know more about your iHubs? Contact me or GO-Biz and find out how you can help push innovation 2 a new level. #caeconomy #innovateLouis Stewart
Final #caeconomy panel 2day feat. Bill Watkins of @Bridgelux, @RepAnnaEshoo & @CarlGuardino: enhancing SV effectiveness http://pic.twitter.com/qDsrqJ1NCA Economic Summit
RT @SVLeadershipGrp: Bridgelux CEO Bill Watkins: "If we can’t take care of our kids and educate them. We’ve failed." #CAEconomy @bridgeluxCarl Guardino
Thank you @marvellsemi for hosting a fabulous forum today. Major hat tips: @svleadershipgrp, @ca_stewardship, @MoveCAFWD. Go #caeconomy!CA Economic Summit
Silicon Valley innovation leaders raise volume on economyApril 02, 2012 by Gina Baleria Co-hosts of the Silicon Valley regional forum on stage in Santa Clara, CA at the start of an energetic dis…


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