Crowdsourcing Recovery: From Deliberation to Action in California

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The California Economic Summit on May 11 was a critical midpoint in combining participation, expertise and leadership to improve California’s economic prosperity. 

The movement began earlier this year when over 2,000 people attended fourteen forums around the state. Together they set priorities for state actions to support regional economic growth. 

Five statewide Action Teams of more than 150 concerned Californians then took those priorities and distilled them into seven key actions. Described in the Summit Playbook, these Signature Initiatives include:

  • Refining CEQA to restore its original intent
  • Streamlining regulations
  • Supporting the growth of major regional industry sectors through workforce development
  • Helping small businesses innovate through regional and university partnerships
  • Increasing access to capital for all businesses
  • Identifying new financing tools for infrastructure projects
  • Promoting water infrastructure

Then on May 11, five hundred regional business and civic leaders came together in Santa Clara and using Crowdbrite interactive software they came up with more than 2,000 refinements to the Initiatives in just three hours of crowdsourcing ideas. Their work continues online through June 15.

Today, all Californians can contribute their own ideas to this challenge. Visit by June 15 to comment on the Signature Initiatives. Success depends upon understanding perspectives from all walks of life and all corners of this diverse and complex state. 

Then What?

Action Teams will translate the great ideas and best practices into concrete actions with timelines and champions to carry them forward. A Summit report will be published on this website by June 30. 

After that, we’ll regularly report progress toward implementation of the Signature Initiatives. Participation, expertise and leadership will come together to create real results. 

The current gridlock of traditional interest group politics is holding California back. A grassroots, bottom-up approach connecting regional stewards via, Crowdbrite, Facebook and Twitter will capture our collective wisdom and create the momentum to restore the prosperity of the California dream.

It’s the beginning of a movement. Are you in?


Susan Lovenburg

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