CA FWD’s Leadership Council Congratulates New Executive Committee Leaders, Welcomes New Members

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Gustavo Herrera (left), CEO of Arts for LA, will become co-chair of the CA FWD Leadership Council and Jeffery Wallace (right), president and CEO of LeadersUp, will become vice-chair of the Council.

CA FWD is excited to congratulate current Leadership Council members who will take up executive committee positions and also we are welcoming new leaders to the Council who will contribute to our mission to build a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable state for all.

Gustavo Herrera was named co-chair and Jeffery T. D. Wallace has been named vice-chair of the CA FWD Leadership Council. Both have served on the Council and Herrera will succeed outgoing Co-Chair Ashley Swearingen, who will remain on the Leadership Council.

“Both Gustavo and Jeffery are natural born leaders who work every day to ensure all Californians can realize the California Dream,” said Micah Weinberg, CA FWD CEO. “Gustavo is a fierce advocate of the arts who understands the impact that sector has on economic development. And Jeffery is developing the next generation of inclusive leaders who will build an anti-racist economy that will benefit all Californians.”

“At our core, CA FWD is a powerful movement focused on building a more equitable California,” said Herrera, who is the CEO of Arts for LA, which advocates for equitable access to the arts in the greater Los Angeles area. “Arts have played a critical role in social movements with the unique ability to unite and transform society innumerous ways.” Herrera is also currently the vice president of the Board of Directors for California Arts Advocates, a Strong Workforce Implementation Advisory Board member for the California Community Colleges, and an Advisory Board member for the California Physician’s Alliance.

“In order for California to truly be a state where all residents and our environment to thrive we must focus on moving communities from the margins to the middle of our economy. As I step into the Vice-Chair role I remain excited about how CA FWD is uniquely poised to do that work,” said Wallace, president and CEO of LeadersUp, an organization dedicated to advancing systemic change at the intersection of economic and social justice. Wallace commended CA FWD’s policy work, the advocacy of the California Forward Action Fund, and the data from the California Dream Index. Wallace also serves on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Urban League and the L.A. County Workforce Development Board.

Herrera adds, “Arts and culture are foundational to the California Dream and I’m proud and humbled to co-chair this board of leaders, and work in partnership with Micah and the team to move our state forward.”

“I’m honored to be elected and supported by my colleagues on the Leadership Council,” said Wallace. “I look forward to supporting Micah’s dynamic leadership of CA FWD and will continue to be a strong strategic accomplice to our shared vision for a more inclusive and intersectional economy.”

“We thank Ashley for her tireless work on the Leadership Council,” said Weinberg. “Through her leadership, CA FWD has made great strides in creating a California that works for all.”

Additionally, the CA FWD Leadership Council has welcomed new members including Inland Empire Community Foundation President and CEO Michelle Decker, former California State Representative and partner at Cunningham Mirman Public Affairs Jordan Cunningham, Vocatio CEO Patrick Jones, and EGM Investment’s EJ Milken. CA FWD’s Lauren Jeglinski was appointed as the Board Secretary.


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