CA Fwd statement on California Legislature Transparency Act

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CA Fwd is a strong supporter of the California Legislature Transparency Act, and we believe it is sound public policy as written. CA Fwd also was instrumental in the development of the Ballot Initiative Transparency Act, a reform crafted to encourage lawmakers and initiative proponents to reach principled compromise.

We appreciate former Sen. Sam Blakeslee's leadership advancing a reform that lawmakers previously refused to consider. We also are grateful for Sen. Wolk’s and Assemblymember Olsen’s long-standing bipartisan support for the 72-hour rule, and for Speaker Rendon’s commitment to transparency and interest in engaging on the Legislature Transparency Act. CA Fwd encourages the parties to work together to see if they can develop an even better proposal for increasing legislative transparency.

— Statement on behalf of James Mayer, President & CEO of California Forward


Jim Mayer

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