Bringing data to the people

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Californians must demand accountability and transparency with their elected leaders. Governments can and should use technology to make sure that people can find out how much elected leaders are making and how the programs we pay for are doing, instead of challenging them to try and find the data.

Technology not only changes what is possible but provides a higher level of expectation among its people for government to work well and serve the people, as it’s designed to do.

The State Controller’s Office launched its public pay website in 2010. Since then, the SCO has added new data and information.

Making information readily and easily available to Californians restores their faith. California Forward is thrilled to see the SCO’s work in bringing government closer to the people.

The State Controller recently spoke with California Forward at the second annual Silicon Valley Regional Economic Forum. He discussed his new plans to bring more data to the people.


Cheryl Getuiza

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